Michael Tabman

The Baby Lisa Case – Things Are Not Adding Up

In Crime and Security, Uncategorized on October 19, 2011 at 12:21 pm

When I was first consulted by a local news station about the abduction of Baby Lisa, I was optimistic that she could be returned recovered safely. That was based on statistics and history – most infant abductions were conducted by women of childbearing age who had a traumatic loss of an infant or difficulty having one of their own. While their actions were not rational, their intent was not to harm the infant. But statistics are not conclusive. Though things may happen rarely, they do happen.

A few days after the disappearance, when the news station again called me, I was less optimistic. At that time, the parents had stopped cooperating with the police and the police were clearly focusing on the parents. That did not bode well.

Here we are two weeks later and things have only gotten stranger. The relationship between the parents and the police remained strained. Then, a private detective from New York shows up; his purpose unclear. While a private detective has an appropriate time, place and function, this was not it. The police continue to do everything they can to find this baby. As soon as the private detective appeared, he is gone and a lawyer from New York shows up. Both have asserted that the parents are innocent and that the baby is alive. They must know something that the rest of us – or the police – do not. While an attorney has a confidential relationship with his clients, the private detective does not if he was not working under the direction of the attorney. The parents’ theatrics have not helped dispel any suspicion of their culpability.

Law enforcement continues to search in wooded areas. Yesterday, they even had the FAA establish a no-fly zone over the area they were searching. That was very unusual. The police and/or FBI maintain that these searches are routine – just to assure nothing was missed. I don’t buy it. This infant did not crawl out of her crib, open the door and just stroll away. If they are searching these areas so intensely, they have reason to believe that there is a body to be found. We just learned that the police have taken control of the parents’ home, allowing them to search again and keep the parents out. Based on the information, or lack of it, that they have given to the press about these searches, I sometimes wonder if they aren’t looking for something other than Baby Lisa.

So what do we have? We have a mom who allegedly failed a polygraph. While hardly conclusive, it is disconcerting when viewed with the fact that mom is now stating that she was drunk and may have passed out. The police have given no indication that they suspect a stranger abduction. They have given implausible explanations of their searches. Their activities indicate that they suspect a homicide.

Until this matter is resolved, we all remain hopeful that this little baby will be found alive and unharmed. But each passing day and each missed opportunity makes that less of a reality. If someone knows something, the time is now.


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