Michael Tabman

The Baby Lisa Case: Strange and Getting Stranger

In Crime and Security, Uncategorized on October 30, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Baby Lisa’s parents were about to allow the police to interview Baby Lisa’s young brothers. As they were the only ones at home with mom at the time of the disappearance, what they say could be critical. Interviewing children requires special training. Children do not process and recall information in the same framework that adults do. As well, a child’s recall of events can be heavily influenced by things they see and hear after the event. A parent can exercise tremendous influence over that child’s ability to recall facts and circumstances. The more time that passes from the event to the interview, only increases the chances of faulty recall.

After delaying what could have been critical interviews, I heard that the family would allow the interviews, but only with certain conditions. Conditions? Really? Your infant is missing and you are getting into a staring contest with the police who are trying to find her. That is not the way to get your child back. All that accomplishes is to delay any progress in the investigation and turn the eyes of suspicion back on mom.

The parents’ attorney was reportedly planning a media tour of the house. Not only should that not have been offered, the media should have declined. That would do nothing more than to create a circus atmosphere to this tragic situation. Other than voyeuristic curiosity, or the belief of amateur sleuths that they will see something the police missed, I find no value in that tour. I have also heard that the local attorney representing the parents has been dismissed by the lead attorney in New York.

If this family has nothing to hide, and truly wants to find Baby Lisa, than they better do some deep soul searching. The police can be over-aggressive at times. And yes, it is insulting to be considered a suspect. But, a missing infant trumps all those concerns. Start cooperating with the police – they are the best chance we have.

  1. Keeping in mind the many convicted perps who have been released from prison after years of imprisonment, thinking of the accusations LE threw at Debbie Bradley in hopes of triggering a confession. I understand the family’s reluctance to speak with police. I imagine their reasoning along the lines, LE is not hearing what I am saying, they have their minds made up that I killed by accident or temper outburst that I am responsible for Lisa’s death (inspite of no body) Anything I say can and will be used against me in what ever way it can be twisted to incriminate me or my family. My words are not and will not be used in an effort to actually find my daughter, instead to convict me of something I did not do, once I am charged all pretense of finding Lisa will be over, she will be forgotten, except as a child klled by her mother or other family member. If I say nothing, perhaps in their efforts too find evidence to convict me they will actually find Lisa. Why not let the boys be questioned… (I know it has happened since) but would you take the risk that LE might turn on your children and accuse them of killing their sister by accident or because of sibling jealousy. The quickness of LE to accuse the family in my eyes broke the trust that their primary focus was not to find the child but was to find a conviction. And then use the families lack of trust as proof of guilt. I am not favorably impress3ed by LE in this case.

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