Michael Tabman

Baby Lisa: Answering Questions.

In Crime and Security, Uncategorized on December 7, 2011 at 11:29 pm

A few questions were posed to me on Twitter. These are my responses:

1) As cadaver dogs ‘hit’ in the house, does that give the police power to force Deborah (mom) to speak with them?

The answer is NO. The police cannot force anybody to speak with them irrespective of the strength of any evidence. Remember the right to remain silent.

2) Would there be evidence of someone trying to break in through the window?

Breaking in through a window would most likely leave some evidence- fingerprints, tool marks, scuff marks, shoe prints, mud or dirt or other signs of forced entry. Also, the police re-enactment of breaking in through the window made that appear unlikely as well.

3) Why can’t the police do more?

It is very frustrating to watch parents not cooperate while an infant is missing. Our justice system is heavily weighted towards protecting civil rights, a presumption of innocence and placing the burden of proof on the government. The powers of the police and government are broad, but with limits. At times, it may seem that these concepts are not serving the interests of justice. However, I would not want to see these protections diminished. You can see from current events how threatened we feel when police and government appear to be abusing power. Our system is imperfect, but I cannot point to a better one.


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