Michael Tabman

The New Harlem Shake

In Crime and Security on August 20, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Don’t be messing with the man
NYC has a plan
Don’t keep walking and refuse to stop
When told to do so by a cop
Show those hands and spread those feet
Or my nightstick you will meet
Whatcha doing, where ya been?
Aint about the color of your skin
You have to stop and get the frisk
Guys like you are such a risk
Yeah, we ask you to yield a right
So the rest of us can sleep at night
We got rights, you think so?
Where is Terry v Ohio?
To stop and frisk a cop must say
He had good reason to act that way
Court decisions are no laughing matter
In New York City they’re just idle chatter
The Bill of Rights takes second seat
To a city cop on the street
Don’t be looking at me askance
Unless you’re ready to do the dance
We’ll twist some arms and kick some legs
But at least we’re not busting heads
The left wing says that we are wrong
They’re just singing that liberal song
Don’t like what we have to say
Then there is another way
Don’t be black and don’t be brown
Then we’ll let you roam around
Don’t wear your anger on your sleeve
Or get a frisk you won’t believe
Our plan is good, look what we’ve done
Now and then, we find a gun
If you don’t like it, leave our borders
Don’t blame me, I just follow orders
And don’t dis’ our city when you’re in it
Or we’ll frisk your ass in a New York minute


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