Michael Tabman

A time to search and a time to seize…

In Crime and Security on February 20, 2014 at 8:29 am

Craig Wood charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping in Hailey Owens’ death

Fox4 News KC asked for my input on this.  Specifically I was asked about the police response vis-a-vis the sweep and subsequent search of Wood’s house.

As always, I acknowledge that without having been at the scene, there may be facts of which I am not aware. But, based upon what we know….

When the police first encountered Woods, he was “driving the truck that had a matching description and plates of the vehicle being sought.   Two sergeants observed Wood holding a roll of duct tape, which he tossed into the bed of the truck as he exited the cab.”In my opinion, that was sufficient cause to search the home due to exigent circumstances.  Then the police conducted a safety sweep of the home “and smelled a strong odor of bleach as they entered the basement.”   The police then sought a search warrant.

If there was any question of exigent circumstances, that fact crossed the threshold.  We don’t know if they had continued the search before obtaining the warrant if Hailey could have been saved, but…

In these days of ultra-aggressive police actions, this was no time to move cautiously.

We need to find that balance…this was one of those times.


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