Michael Tabman

A Political or Apolitical FBI?

In Crime and Security on December 15, 2017 at 1:36 pm

“So, I can assume you’re a good ole, dedicated Republican like the rest of us?”

That was said to me by a subordinate while meeting me for the first time after I reported for duty as a manager of an FBI office.  Later, I heard through the very reliable grapevine that he was concerned that he erred in his assessment of my politics and how I would respond. But, that same grapevine assured him that I would never allow that to enter in to my management decisions. He became one of my most trusted and relied upon subordinates.

“I am big supporter of the Republican Party.” “I donate regularly the Republican Party.” I heard these comments often from FBI Agents. There was nothing illegal or inappropriate about such comments. FBI Agents are allowed to express political thoughts and support candidates – but not as an FBI Agent and not on FBI time or expense.

During the Clinton presidency, FBI Agents’ dislike for all-things Clinton was no secret; it was palpable. Condemnation of Clinton and anyone who supported him were fair game for casual conversations.  During George W. Bush’s tenure, any criticism of the president was met with disbelief as if such speech was treasonous. The FBI never moved to quash the expression of such personal and/or political beliefs.

There is no secret that law enforcement is traditionally comprised of conservative Republicans. After 24 years in the FBI, I do not need to take a poll to know that is true in the FBI.

FBI agents with clear preference for Republican politics, are the same agents tasked to investigate public corruption or people with outspoken political views. I do not recall discussing whether these agents should be barred from conducting such investigations or if there should be a political litmus tests for investigating political corruption. Political leanings were never considered a barrier to a fair and unbiased investigation. Agents were never questioned about their political views before being assigned to political corruption cases. That is probably illegal.

If we are to make the argument that investigators and prosecutors cannot fairly do their jobs because of political leanings, campaign contributions or personal observations of candidates, then every conviction for public corruption or politically charged crimes must be re-investigated. From this moment on, investigations must be conducted only by those who can prove they possess no political preference.

Good luck.

  1. MT, when sworn FBI Agents, including upper BU Management from the Director down, leak BU reports (US Government property), indirectly to the Media, like Comey admitted to; when 2nd in charge McCabe sends hundreds, if not thousands, of anti-DT text messages to subordinates as Strzok & Page; when over $500,000+ is donated by the DNC to McCabes wife for election purposes and hide this fact on financial disclosures, required by the BU; when Comey announces in July 2016, NO criminal charges would be brought against HRC, after Intentionally and Illegally changing the language and facts from said investigation; when Comey made said announcement that was totally out of line for a FBI Director to do, was never done before and always the responsibility for the US Attorney’s office….I suggest these motives are from Corrupt, Unethical and Narcissistic FBI Agents, who are driven to corrupt the legal process in favor of their political agenda. That said, McCabe, Strzok and Page should be fired immediately. Then Indict Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page for Corruption and Obstruction, for starters. Maybe Strzoks wife will divorce him and take him to the cleaners financially?! What an embarrassment to my FBI and the American people ! The FBI is so much better than this ! This will take years for the Bureau to repair. These Thugs have made a mockery out of the core values of the BU, the rule of law and the US Constitution. If you or I had done the same, during our BU career, we’d not only been fired immediately, but sitting in Leavenworth now. The BU must always stay Apolitical, totally Professional and ALWAYS Unbiased! Time will tell as the outcome, but as far as I’m concerned, lock these Bastards up !

    • Hi Dave, great to hear from you. I share some of your thoughts. I, as many others, was critical of Comey’s handling of HRC matter. McCabe should have completely recused himself from the HRC investigation as Strzok should have removed himself from Russia investigation. Strzok’s texts were particularly damaging to the FBI and the investigation. He may be subject to discipline, though I do not know that criminal charges are likely. Yes, the Bureau is better than this, and that is my point. I believe that most FBI Agents are like you – able to remain apolitical in carry out their duties, irrespective of personal political beliefs.

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