Michael Tabman



 “I have spent my life watching cop shows both on TV and in the movies and Michael  Tabman’s Midnight Sin is as good as anything that has come before it. Once you start  reading you will not be able to stop. Michael has reached deep inside and managed to  capture his heart and soul as a cop – the joy of helping others as well as the fear and loathing  felt so deeply as they are forced to deal with the worst our society has to offer. My heart was  pounding. This is a powerful story told by someone who has captured the feelings of all of  us, no matter which side of the law you happen to be on.”                                                   ~Peter Giuliano, Producer of Law and Order

Becoming a cop changes everything you thought you knew about life.  Midnight Sin is an inside look at the dark and mysterious world behind the cop’s badge. Rookie cop Gary Hollings quickly learns that wrestling street thugs and arresting drug dealers while trying to track down a serial rapist is nowhere  near as tough as watching his back from his fellow cops. He must also fight his inner demons – ones that he never knew he had until he put on that police uniform.The police world is one of long hours and split-second decisions where the choices are not always clear. Midnight Sin is a gritty cop novel that explores the complexities of the cop psyche.


                                   BAD INTENT 

Cocaine floods the streets of New York City. Drug cartels are in control. The mob wants  their share. The FBI and NYPD have a drug war to fight. But, who are they fighting? FBI  Agent Bob A. Douglas and his partner NYPD Detective Mark Zucarelli are caught in the  middle. Who can they trust? Everybody has a motive. Everybody has bad intent. Someone  must die.

“Michael Tabman takes readers on an inside look into the police department, the FBI and the amount of honest and corrupt police work that goes on everyday. Using his real life experience, former FBI agent Michael Tabman allows the reader to experience the events first hand. Tabman tells this story in his straightforward, hardnosed and straight from the hip format. Bad Intent: Police, Criminals or both. You decide.”                                                     ~ Just Reviews


     Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People

 “CEOs looking for simple ways to avoid complex problems should read this book. Tabman  imparts valuable information in a witty and readable style. I have seen his consulting firm  put these concepts into action, and they work. Read the book and have Tabman’s  company on speed dial.”                                                                                                           ~Larry Young, CEO, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

“I have seen Michael at work as an FBI Agent, a friend and a family man.  He knows how to pull it all together.  That is just what his book does; it pulls together a lifetime of law enforcement experiences to teach us valuable lessons in a funny and fast reading book.”
~Steve Schussler, Founder, Rainforest Cafe

The Mob. Drug Cartels. Undercover Operation Terrorism Investigations. Street Crimes. What can go wrong?

Retired FBI Agent and ex-cop Michael Tabman shares the behind-the-scenes decision making that resulted in an  operation either succeeding or failing. Readers will be intrigued by parallels between police work and daily life challenges, and how basic law enforcement concepts can resolve problems and conflicts. The parallels are compelling.

Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People is a gift to anyone seeking new and effective ways to recognize and prevent problems.

All books available on Amazon


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