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The Russia Probe

In Crime and Security on June 4, 2017 at 1:03 pm

I discussed the FBI Russia Probe with MSNBC…


Who Started the Fire?

In Crime and Security on July 11, 2013 at 9:16 am
The IRS is in a mess
It didn’t pass the fairness test
TSA can grope your crotch
Stroke your boobs and steal your watch
DEA will get your stash
Cancer’s no excuse for grass
Try to build a cherry bomb
ATF will raid your farm
Try to make a private call
The NSA will hear it all
Email, snail mail
The FBI is on your tail
Sharia law is at the door
Religious freedom is no more
We will take your DNA
Ship you to Guantanamo Bay
The Bill of Rights got no clout
When Uncle Sam wants you out
If you don’t cease and desist
Your name goes on another list
Don’t ask for food you can’t afford
Or you’ll get the water board
Pro life, anti choice
Who really has a voice
Democrats have no deal
GOP just won’t yield
President is met with scorn
‘Cause we don’t know where he was born
Grab your guns and arm your crew
Those Blackhawks are after you
And when you think that this will pass
The CIA will drone your ass…
~Michael Tabman
In the spirit of Billy Joel’s, We Didn’t Start the Fire

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